Friday, 5 July 2013

Triple Glazed Units at County Glass

At County Glass, we have always been able to adapt to the changing times and the demands of the market place. To that end, we are now regularly producing Triple Glazed Units for some of our customers.
Both lines are optimised for production, but today we are focusing on the newer line and the photos below tell part of the story that ends with a pristine unit for delivery.
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The glass is pre-toughened using our on site facility. The pieces are then moved to our main factory and loaded on to the line. First stop, the washer.

Each unit requires two spacer bars. These are prepared for each order and moved into position in time for the units being made.

Spacer bar meets glass. A lot of our work is automated once elements are loaded, but some things will always need the human touch.

The press seals the three panes and two spacer bars together, effectively creating the unit.

Here is a close up of the pressed unit. You can clearly see the three pieces of glass.

Seen to the left, the air probes are creating a vacuum that is filled with argon gas.

At the final stage of the process prior to inspection, the Robot seals the new Triple Glazed unit with Polysulphide.
For more information, visit the County Glass website, or call our sales team on 01962 869447.

- The County TEAM.

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