Tuesday, 11 June 2013

County Glass - Glass Pack Load-In.

Here at County Glass, we pride ourselves on a long and distinguished heritage of processing glass for our customers. Whether this is pieces cut to size, or producing Double Glazed Units for the incredibly varied range of orders we are capable of providing solutions for, the final result begins as a large sheet of glass.

These 3 ton packs are sourced from various places, depending on the glass type. But the large float liners that bring the packs in are relatively similar in design. When the trucks arrive on site, the delicate process of unloading the glass one 3 ton pack at a time can begin.
Below is a little of the backstory showing how all this unfolds here at County Glass (click on a pic to enlarge).

After arriving, the truck may have to wait a short while for the appropriate loading bay to be free.

Steve, our Yardsman will helpfully direct the large vehicle into position.

Once backed into the bay, the back of the trailer can be opened, revealing the glass packs.

After uncoupling the L-frame, the truck shifts forward leaving tonnes of glass ready to be moved.

Steve (and now another Steve!) carefully position the crane under the glass-pack.
The secure glass pack (in the case, 4mm Satin) is now hoisted off of the tray.

Working as a team, both Steves use the crane to guide the glass to one of our storage facilities.
This pack of Satin has to be manoeuvred around other stock.
And now, it delicately comes to rest, ready for use. Great job guys.
Ready for processing!
Moving this around glass can be a challenge, but County has six decades of experience.
Sometimes we can have two trucks loads scheduled in a single day. Fortunately, we have a great team of guys and girls who make sure that the operation is smooth and seamless.
So next time you order a bulk shipment of double glazed units, a bathroom mirror, some glass for your greenhouse or anything and everything in-between, there is every likelihood that it began life with us as one of these sheets of glass. And through the many steps that piece of glass took to be processed, we at County Glass are always happy to help you, our valued customers.

Thanks for reading,
- The County TEAM.

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