Thursday, 25 April 2013

County Windows showroom updates Phase #1.

For a little while now, County Windows have been planning a series of updates for what is already a market leading showroom in the Mid-Hampshire area. Glass and frame technology is constantly evolving as are the designs of products and their versatility. As we are starting to bring some of those products online, we wanted to update the showroom to emphasise their potential.

A small glimpse of the new showroom. The Victorian Conservatory is on the right.

Phase 1 of this renewal is two fold. First of all, the Victorian Conservatory has been completely remodelled and updated. The brickwork was revised to provide more glazing space, on top of which the brand new framework includes various solar controlled glass options along with newly designed openers which offer great summer ventilation. What we have now is a very modern take on a classic design.

The core value of most of the products we stock, supply and carefully install is that they are an investment to your home. Not just to add value, but to save you money by being energy efficient. And this is paramount, only becoming more and more important as time goes by and the price of utilities rises.
To reflect this, we designed a brand-new lighting concept which not only showcases all of our products, but also demonstrates a commitment to saving energy.
Historically, the showroom was lit by banks of strip lights and halogen bulbs. Now, the whole space is bathed in the white light of LED's, and it looks fantastic. The other benefit is that the combined wattage of all these new fittings is less than one bank of five halogen's we used to have in a particulr area of the showroom. This is a great example for anyone's home lighting and resulting electricity bill.

Phase 1 was very much about getting the new Conservatory and lights installed and looking great. The next phase is about us bringing in some new, genuinely exciting products to your attention. And the best way to do this is to install them in our showroom. As soon we have them, we'll let you know.

Alternate view from the rear of the showroom.

Meanwhile, please visit us any time you are in the area. One of the team will be happy to help out with your questions, and the coffee is always fresh. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks for reading.

- The County TEAM.

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