Thursday, 28 March 2013

County Glass and Social Media.

Since February, County Windows and County Glass have embarked on a social media odyssey. The idea being that you, the user, the customer, the potential customer, will be able to very easily find out more about not just us as a company and the products we sell, but also the people behind the stories.. the installers, craftsmen and other folks who make up the County family.

The Initial focus has been on County Windows. Daily site visits provide plenty of inspiration for taking photos, and if you have dipped into our Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, we are hopeful that deeper details of our work are beginning to emerge.

Over the past couple of weeks however, we have been spreading the focus out, casting a wider net to encompass County Glass. The work done there on a daily basis is nothing short of remarkable. From cutting edge technology to the finely honed skills of our Lead / Decorative Glass department, County Glass is more than a factory, and more than a production line.

So the goal is, over the coming weeks and months, spend a little time each day in a different department and refer the stories to you with vivid pictures and descriptions that explain who and what is in action.

All our social media works as a repository of information for you. If you 'follow' us, that's great and we thank you. If not, you can still dive in and load up on knowledge about both of our companies.

Below are a few examples of the images you will find, although the in-depth  notes accompany the photos on the social media sites, all of which are conveniently linked on the right hand side of this blog.

Thanks so much for reading,
- The County TEAM.

Some of Stuarts work in the Lead Department

The journey of a roof DGU.
A finished piece rolling off our CNC Processing machine.

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