Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Conservatory Replacement in the County Windows Showroom

Here is the old Victorian Conservatory ready to be updated

Throughout 2013, County Windows are planning a number of upgrades to the showroom and the products displayed within. There will be more details of these updates as they come online. But first in the queue for a facelift was our Victorian Conservatory, which has been in place since this showroom opened in late 2000.
The feeling was that this model, whilst still popular, required an update to bring it in to line with both the changing market, and advances in frame, roof and glazing technology.
As this build was commencing in-house over a couple of days, we decided it would make a good photo study, which we could then share with you, our customers as a point of interest, and also a knowledge base for anyone considering a new Conservatory or modifying an existing structure.
The gallery is fairly extensive and can be found on our website HERE, or by either clicking on the below link, or copying and pasting it into your browser.


Each photo will have some text describing the stage of the process being depicted.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments on the gallery.

Thank you for reading.
- The County TEAM.

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