Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Summary of Recent Install.


Even in the worst of the recent weather, the County Windows teams were out, armed with their new site boards.For this installation, we were working on something that more and more customers are seeking - replacement conservatory roof systems.
The concept is very simple. The uprights (glazed walls, brickwork etc) remain, the existing, old roof is removed and we install a replacement system. This new system will have many options available across the framework, glazing options and furniture such as blinds. Our experience is that mostly, the upgrade will be about the glass. With the new systems available, we can install solar control and self cleaning units that will make the conservatory a year round, comfortable living space. Here is a run through of a recent piece of work we did on the south side of Winchester through a cold week in February 2013.

Here on the morning of day 1 you can see that our team, Wayne and Ben, have removed 90% of the existing polycarbonate roof to make way for the new installation.

Some really fantastic craftsmanship on display by the team here. It's day two on the replacement roof installation and the guys have created this new timber frame to both support the roof and fix it to the house. The far side where you can see Ben doing some cutting is going to be insulated and cladded. Tomorrow, the roof gets glazed.
If they visit your home, don't forget to make the guys a cup tea. Not Wayne though.. He drinks coffee.

During day 2, great things were done at this workstation. Thanks Wayne and Ben!

Risking life and limb to bring you these shots from day three! This team is close to completing the conservatory roof install, which is now fully glazed despite inclement weather. All external cladding is in place, tomorrow will see the remaining insulation and finishing touches added inside. I hope you'll agree the new roof looks great and is a definite improvement. I wonder if next door want theirs replaced too...?

And here is the cladding and insulation being fitted. Also pictured is the new roof doing a fine job of protecting the fitters from the snow, sleet and other cold things falling from the sky.

The new conservatory roof is finished. With insulation and cladding all completed, the snow and rain also paused, allowing us to share this beautiful morning with you. Very pleased to have been of service to another valued customer.

Every conservatory is different because every customer has a different need. This particular build had more if an outside feel as opposed to say, an extension of a lounge or dining room. With the roof upgrade and new cladding, this has been a real success. On to the next one!

Find out more about our Conservatory Roof systems Here and please Contact Us with any questions you may have.
Thank you,
The County TEAM.

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