Thursday, 7 February 2013

The New County Windows website is online. Here are a few pointers on what you can find there.

County Windows is incredibly proud to announce the arrival of their new website.
After a huge amount of work by both us and the fantastic local web company ADIRA (run by Phill Bernier), we are very hopeful that you will find new site a wonderful and intuitive experience.

The first thing you will hopefully notice is the striking new design, which is a natural extension of everything from our new company signage to our stationary. But dig a little deeper and you will find many more new features. Here is a brief heads of things to look out for.

The menu bar has most of the same content as the old site, but with this smooth design we have been able to add a contact form which drops down from the ‘Contact’ tab and can be filled whilst viewing any page at all.

The County Blog has been redesigned and will now take you to external pages which will contain both photo and text entries. The decision was taken to park the old blog and begin totally fresh. The new blog is based Google's Blogspot platform and will be active on a regular basis.

A lot of the old features have been streamlined, one of these is the brochure download page. You’ll find this in both the ‘About’ drop down menu, and in the ‘Important Links’ section.
Click on any of the headings on this page and that box will expand, revealing the titles of brochures and downloads within. Clicking on the word ‘HERE’ will open a PDF viewer and you can then scan through, read in depth, download, print and generally browse all the relevant literature you need. If you require anything else, please give us a call, or fill in the Contact form for us to help you out. On top of brochures, you will also find other informative literature about glass options etc, all located here. This library will continue grow as more literature becomes available or is produced.

The gallery pages are again separated into categories. Click on one and off you go! The site is brand-new so over time, these galleries will grow and grow, keeping the site a constantly evolving entity.

Our Twitter feed can be seen at the top right of the website and can also be clicked through to directly, using the social media links in the ‘Connect With Us’ box on the right, or the Social Media list at the bottom of the page.
The Twitter feed updates live with entries to the County blog and will also include site updates, testimonials, points of interest and many other bits of info worthy of a Tweet. So if you’re a Twitter user, click on follow. But if you’re not a user, you can still visit the site and read our Tweets.

The County Group Instagram is now online. Here we will be sharing images that tell the day to day story of who we are as a company, the products we produce and sell, and also some little personal touches that put names to faces and reveal more about this long standing, family run company. We are out on site daily, so as the Instagram cranks up, there will be more and more visual information showing our customers what we do, and how we do it.
Like Twitter, you can either follow us if you have an account, or just view the photos on the Instagram website which is conveniently linked from ours. These pictures will also be feeding galleries on the website as more and more jobs and processes are shot.
But the main goal of social media for us is not just the interaction with our customers, but also providing you with a great deal of visual information and stories regarding our work. We very much hope you enjoy receiving updates and browsing the content we provide.
There are some other things in the pipeline that we’ll announce either at, or close to launch.

‘Windows & Doors’, ‘Conservatories’ and ‘Roofline’ now all have devoted galleries. These are accessible via the ‘Important Links’ list at the bottom of the page, or via the drop-down menus on the relevant tabs. 
Next we have social media. The County Glass Group, which includes County Windows, is now fully active on the primary social media hubs, so please come and ‘follow’ us, or just take a look around. 

Our Facebook has been up and running for a while now, but did slow down a bit whilst the new Web site project has been running. We’ll be sharing more there in the coming weeks and months. 

So this is a brief overview of the new site that is not only packed full of information and features, but is going to be constantly evolving and growing over time.
We love feedback, so please, if you have any questions or comments, or want to see the addition of other features, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.
For now, hopefully you’ll spend a little time on the site, get to know it, and we very much look forward to meeting customers old and new in 2013.

With our best wishes,

- The County Windows TEAM

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